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Values & Brand Book

Corporate Values

& Brand Book

Both MTV Networks and then later on Viacom determined it was necessary to define the company's values in order to bring shared meaning and purpose to the employees. I oversaw both of these efforts creating a poster system that was given to employees to hang in their workspaces. Working together with illustrators we created limited edition art that re-enforced our shared beliefs. We also created a video that was presented during a company-wide Town Hall to help support Viacom's Values through real-life experiences. 

A few years later we established an official outward-facing brand for Viacom to help make its mark in a rapidly changing media landscape.

To help roll out this new brand we created a brand book for all employees and partners to use as a go-to reference.

Role - Design Director

MTVN Core Values 1.jpg

MTV Networks Core Values Posters

MTVN Core Values 2.jpg

MTV Networks Core Values Posters

Viacom Core Values Posters.jpg

Viacom Values Posters

Viacom Values Video

Brand Book Cover.jpg

Viacom Brand Book

Layout 1.jpg

Viacom Brand Book

Layout 2.jpg

Viacom Brand Book

Viacom Brand Book

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