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Branding & Design

Twenty-First Century Design at Viacom Exhibiton

Twenty-First Century Design at Viacom was a two week retrospective held at Viacom's White Box event space. The exhibition surveys the design created by Viacom and it's brands throughout the globe the since the year 2000. I was part of the group that curated the exhibit. I also directed the logo design and branding including emails, posters, event signage, merchandise as well as the creation of a 360 video. The 360 video was created in order to include the offices from around the globe that could not be present to witness the show. We then produced a Google Cardboard invitation that was sent out to all of the global offices.

Role - Design Director 

Senior Designer - Richard Chang

Main Logo

Lobby Promotional Screen

Entrance Med.jpg

Exhibition Entrance

Wall & Floor Application

Exterior Shades.jpg

Internal & External Promotion


Exterior Promotion Posters

Instagram Post

Google Cardboard Invite.jpg

Email Invite

Google Cardboard 2.jpg

Google Cardboard Invitation

360 Interactive Video of the Exhibition. Please use Google Chrome for the proper viewing experience

Exhibition Floor


Case Study Video

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