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Branding & Design Concept


Pitch Visuals

Monigle was one of several agencies to pitch AMD in response to their request for a rebrand. I worked together with the Chief Creative Officer to create a visual language of type, color, photography style, patterns, and holding devices that represented our proposed brand positioning - Accelerating Achievement. We then created a mock website, touchpoints, and a campaign concept to help support our positioning. These were used to build out our pitch deck which was then presented by the CCO. 

Role - Creative Director & Designer 

Chief Creative Officer - Mark Thwaites

Senior Designer - Alex Michalko



Brand Video

Live Website Mockups AMD Home Still 1.jpg

Website Home Page

Live Website Mockups Pink Gradient AMD.jpg

Website Walk Through

System Elements

Holding Devices

Campaign Concept

Touchpoint Examples

Banner Ads

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