Brütrip App Development

Craft beer is booming! Over the past decade the number of Craft Beer breweries in the U.S. has increased fivefold from 1,521 in 2008 to 7,346 in 2018. In turn states that have embraced looser regulation of Craft Beer have seen a benefit in the form of beer tourism. It is estimated that in 2014 more than 10 million people toured craft breweries. That’s a lot of beer obsessed travelers, yet there is no one place where a beer tourist can find all of the information they need to plan a “beercation.” That’s where Brütrip comes in.

Brütrip is an app for craft beer enthusiasts to find brewery trips from a curated list throughout the U.S. There will be a separate app for different regions of the U.S. This example pertains to New England. 

User Flows 

User flows were created to show how user stories operate. Several user flows are shown here that relate directly to the MVP feature set. 

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